Friday, April 3, 2009

Classroom Blog!

I have just finished setting up my classroom blog! We had a discussion in class about what a blog is and how it can be used. Most students didn't really have any idea about what they are and what you use them for. So I showed them this one. (Not really much to show them though).

After much discussion with my class we decided that the best way we could incorporate this into what we are doing is to use it as a platform to showcase our amazing writing. So shortly following this we will be sharing our writing with the world via our blog.

We are very excited about it and fingers crossed the blog will fulfill its purpose - provide us and our writing a global audience.

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  1. Hi

    It's VF here we met at the first Lead Teacher meeting last Term at Elm Park. Your partner and I are both from the same country! Remember? I would like to check out your classroom blog although it might be a bit hard for my kids (Year 0/1) but others in my school would definately like it and we have quite a few senior classes doing blogging at SPS. Check out to start off with and my class page is and I can guarantee your kids will be able to read and comment independently on everything on there! Hope to catch up again.