Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ICT Cluster day

What a great day we have had! It was fantastic to have some to time explore web 2.0 tools. Finding time to do this can become difficult with classroom tasks to do as well!

Looking at the role of the facilitator was extremely helpful and gave me a clear idea of the role we have as ICT lead teachers. Looking at the web resources and reporting back using a Web 2.0 tool was a great idea as it gave us a chance to practise something new!

With the upcoming Expo for our cluster I will have to think about what I could do to present for a workshop and prepare for this. Scary!

1 comment:

  1. I'll see you at the conference day! It is always a little unnerving presenting for the first time but I am sure that you will be fabulous. I'm going to be presenting my very first keynote and I can say that I am quite nervous about that! I agree that knowing about facilitation skills is a key part of being a lead teacher. I'm glad that the lead teacher day was useful for you.